1-on-1 Tutoring

Create Gorgeous Websites for your Business or Personal Brand

With websites becoming one of the first and most important touch-points between businesses and their customers, it’s natural for entrepreneurs and business owners to want to get involved in the creative process. Not only does it give you a better understanding of your target audience’s experience, it puts the power to control and scale your brand’s image in the palm of your hand.

WordPress is the most popular website builder for companies worldwide, and the software most likely to be used by any pro you hire to get the job done. At first glance, most tutorials appear overwhelming, but every expert starts somewhere.

What to Expect from Your 1-on-1 WordPress Tutoring

Some courses depend on rote memorization, recycled materials, and YouTube to get their students through the pipeline. This isn’t one of those courses. Instead, you’ll get hands-on training and collaborative instruction throughout several sessions that will allow you to:

  • Take complete control of your business’s web presence and better understand what goes on behind the scenes in design and development
  • Immediately adopt the latest plugins/technologies without waiting on a third party
  • Fix the most common bugs and WordPress errors immediately and at no cost
  • Create gorgeous WordPress websites whenever you want

Tutoring that Fits Your Needs

30 Minutes Session


30 minutes of troubleshooting and bug fixes. This is a short session for quick fixes or to brush up on WordPress.

60 Minutes Session


Jumpstart your WordPress learning with a crash course on the basics. Learn how to troubleshoot and fix issues.

360 WordPress


We assist you from start to finish in creating a gorgeous, highly-converting WordPress websites. Learn more about 360 WordPress.

Mark helped me out with WordPress. I had a new website built for me, but I really didn’t know how to do any of the updates. Mark walked me through learning WordPress and gave suggestions.
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