Cooperate Training

WordPress Programs for Businesses of All Sizes

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource, and the more you develop their skills, the better equipped they are to help boost productivity and revenue.

For businesses that use WordPress for websites and see significant conversions via this channel, WordPress training for employees is a must. LearnerBuilt can work with you or your HR to set up workshops/training sessions that bring individuals or team members up to speed on best practices and give them the knowledge to assist in maintaining, updating, and improving your current deployment.

What to Expect from Corporate WordPress Tutoring

When you offer employees WordPress training via LearnerBuilt, you’re developing the knowledge and skills they bring to their current position and increasing the overall resource value of your business. Tutoring benefits also extend beyond WordPress, as employees will:

  • Improve teamwork and interpersonal relationships through shared training (if in a group)
  • Get more involved in your online presence and how it works, which fosters a stronger connection to the business and its daily activities, and lays the groundwork for more creative ideas
  • Minimize the cost of developing and maintaining future websites or newer versions of your current website
  • Minimize the cost of hiring WordPress contractors and consultants, especially for smaller issues they can easily troubleshoot in-house

Ask about how your employee(s) can progress even further with our 360 WordPress Course.