Group Tutoring

Exchange Ideas, Build Together

Do you learn better in classroom settings where you can speak with peers and get answers to questions you might not have thought to ask? Then LearnerBuilt’s group tutoring program may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re friends, family members, colleagues, or peers who want to complete the program together and become WordPress pros, we’ll ensure a quality group AND individual experience for every participant, with ample opportunity to get support from both tutors and classroom members when problem-solving.

LearnerBuilt has delivered group tutoring at both college campuses and in professional workplace settings, equipping attendees with the skills to navigate both design and developments and tackle troubleshooting as well. Ask about our corporate training for workplace groups and our certification program for those looking to verify their proficiency.

What to expect from group WordPress training

By using the strengths of group interaction to keep everyone engaged and motivated throughout the course, our tutors facilitate an environment where:

  • Discussions and peer support help students figure out problems faster
  • There is an added incentive to keep coming back and stay the course due to shared experiences
  • Reinforcement takes place through practical learning where students teach what they’ve learned
  • By the end of the training, each student can make their own WordPress websites and see the ideas generated by peers who learned the same material

Tutoring that Fits Your Needs

30 Minutes Session


per person

30 minutes of troubleshooting and bug fixes. This is a short session for quick fixes or to brush up on WordPress.

60 Minutes Session


per person

Jumpstart your WordPress learning with a crash course on the basics. Learn how to troubleshoot and fix issues.